What usually comes to mind when we hear about healthy food?! Well, according to the statistical data and those of sociological surveys, the first TOP 3 includes:  this is not tasty, not appetizing and, besides, looks expensive. We all have already heard this. But you know, we thought so and decided that it’s better to taste one time and understand that useful food may be tasty, than to try to prove this in a hundred of discussions. So our course is evident: manufacture of tasty and useful food products. Tasty Magic began conquering the organic food market in 2014. The activity of the Company is subordinated to a single mission – to give sound health to as many people as possible through useful foods. We sincerely appreciate each our business partner. We have the individual approach just for each buyer.

The advantage of our company is the fact that we are not only a whole trader but also a manufacturer. We possess our own land plots with sectors for growing berries, fruits, vegetables and nuts, as well as production buildings where the raw materials are directly processed into finished products. In addition, we have a honey farm which increased threefold over the past 2 years. In production of our products, we use the most advanced equipment that processes raw materials with the use of new technologies, which makes it possible to retain the maximum of vitamins and useful components in our products. For this reason, putting our berries with sugar or honey on a toast for your child, preferably to be served with our tea, serving a supper with our sauces to your darling, giving our hot drinks to your friends during a cozy winter evening, our consumer may be sure in high quality and usefulness of our products.

Due to ambitiousness and diligence of our Company’s employees, we won favor of Ukrainian consumer in a short time and now began to move by leaps and bounds towards international market.

Our range includes 100 items. And we don’t want to stop at it. Today or products may be divided into 6 categories:

— berries grated with sugar

— tea (berry herbal tea, phyto tea)

— sauces and marinades (adjika, tkemali)

— drinks (kompot, “GlintBerry” hot drink, “Detox” cleaning drink)

— dried fruits and instant porridges

— honey

All our products passed laboratory studies and meet all the requirements of the applicable standards, which may be confirmed by the appropriate certificates of quality.

We also work in the Private Label sector, and our production facilities allow us to portion and pack products having volume of 30 ml to 10 l.

Our values are reflected in the manner, in which we do our business: we act honestly and according to the laws, with respect both to our employees and our buyers. Striving for the long-term relations, we very carefully choose our business partners, try to take into consideration the expectations of each party and come to terms of cooperation most favorable for both parties.

As we have said before, the Tasty Magic’s objective consists in improvement of quality of human life, as well as promotion of our healthy future. We have repeatedly acted as sponsors of sports competitions. We strive for forming the best and healthy world, for inspiration of people to live healthy lives. This is our way to make contribution into our society, providing a long-term success of our Company, because Tasty Magic – that’s when tasty things are simultaneously useful.